5 Reasons Why the Guy Who’s Fixing Your Computer Hates You

I hate fixing computer, that’s why that even though I’m really good at it, I stopped working in IT after 15 years of experience. Good riddance.

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  1. Yep, my boyfriend and I have to go to my grandparent's house approximately every 3-4 months for this exact same reason…they never run their virus scanners (even after we installed one that is constantly running in the background and uses little to know resources) and they click on just about EVERYTHING they think looks nifty…it drives me freaking nuts (>.<)

  2. The movie add that we were forced to sit through was far, far more interesting than the review. Yes, it’s all true, minus the last one…first, if it’s a simple re-format, the data IS still there, you’re just to lazy to salvage it. Secondly, you can go in with a linux thumb drive and a USB hard drive and salvage the data first.

    Any of my friends who need that service are more than welcome to pay me $30 an hour to do that.

  3. The sad thing is you can save all this trouble with some anti-malware software and not giving them admin privileges on their machine. However then you get a phone call a couple times a week about how they can't install some stupid program that they just downloaded off a warez site, etc.

    I want to install some sort of registry freeze program on a few computers of people I know. At least it would work every time they turn it on. Some people just have no business being able to manage their own PC.

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