Stretching Workout for Gamers [Video]

Getting people who sit on their booty all day long to exercise? A worthy goal indeed.

Fitness guru and author of The Booty Bible ALICIA MARIE (AKA ‘The Cardio Girl’) brings you GAMERFIT — simple stretching, toning and cardiovascular fitness moves in YouTube videos that you can do ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

[CardioWorldSeries | Via Neatorama]

4 Responses to Stretching Workout for Gamers [Video]

  1. “YouTube videos that you can do ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.”

    Kinda hard to do this during the morning commute to work. Also, I think this chick l;’.Éé

    • Hot thighs you mean. The one on the left has the best body. Those hips are gorgeous. The one in the middle is ok, but the one on the right needs someone to take her out for some ice cream and cake, right now. Poor girl must be starving.

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