Literary Nerds Alert: Twitter Fiction Festival

Ok fellow writing nerds – time to put those creative writing degrees to work. Many geeks will shun you for your arts degree with a major in creative writing and tell you you’re not a real geek.

Here’s time to prove them wrong.

The Twitter Fiction Festival is about using technology to change the way we read literature. Twitter has already changed the way we communicate, the way we absorb information and, arguably, how long we are able to pay attention to anything.

I attended a “Digital Storytelling” workshop once where we discussed how fiction writers who are searching for the cutting edge should have their eyes on the digital world. Audio stories on Broadcastr, iPad enhanced stories that make use of iDevice capabilities (this is an awesome TED talk about one such story), and stories being told through Twitter are just some of the ways to fuse creative writing and technology.

Well now Twitter wants to focus on this new advent – and is searching for ideas for new ways to do it.

Twitter is asking for requests as to how to experiment with Twitter and use it to create new ways of writing fiction.

If you’ve got a killer idea for how to use Twitter to write something awesome, submit it here. The Twitter Fiction Festival (#twitterfiction) is going to be held (online) at the end of November. Submissions are due November 15th.

Happy twriting.

[Via Wired]

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