Death Pumpkin [Pic]

This artificial pumpkin is approx 7.5″ tall, and a diameter of 9″. Has been painted to resemble the Death Star from the famous Star Wars films. The “windows” and the Superlaser Focus Lens have all been painted with a special paint that is UV (“Black Light”) reactive which also glows in the dark! design is 360 degrees, including “stem” & bottom.

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  1. This is Cricket. I painted the Death Star pumpkin you have featured on your page. I wanted to thank you for showing my EPIC PROJECT on your site. I worked for almost 20 hours to paint this Labor of Love. The pictures really don't do it justice. I'm hoping a True Fan (like myself) will appreciate all the time and effort and planning that went into creating this one of a kind item… I want it to go to a loving home. It IS an artificial pumpkin, and as such will never rot. So it's worth the investment in such a unique conversation piece. Thanks again for the lovely validation for this undertaking. :)

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