‘Teen Titans’ Fan Creates Own Fan Comic [Pics]

Oskar Vega is big comic book fan, especially of “Teen Titans.” So, he created this concept art for his own fan comic, called “The Teen Titans Alpha Project“!

Click on the thumbnails below to view the rest of the gallery!

[Via The Mary Sue]

6 Responses to ‘Teen Titans’ Fan Creates Own Fan Comic [Pics]

  1. not to be an attack on the artist, it's very good. but the boys seem a bit…. pretty? maybe it just seems jarring after the 90's resurgence of the new52


    The girl's chest are not ballooned out to mammoth proportions, their waists are not the same diameter as their thigh and their costumes don't show nearly enough T&A. Obviously this kid has never even seen a real comic book

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