Featured Sci-Fi Short: Tears of Steel [Video]

This 12-minute short film (which includes the credits) is quite a creative masterpiece. Created using Blender, an open source 3D content creation suite and crowdfunded from the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, it’s quite a feast for the eyes.

Without giving too much away, the story is centred on a man who is trying to make up with his robotic girlfriend that he wronged long ago. I really enjoyed watching it – the effects are actually pretty damned cool and while the story was simple (which is has to be for a 10-minute film) it unfolds at a great pace, which kept me engaged the whole way.

My only gripe is that I want more!

[Tears of Steel Via Gizmodo]


5 Responses to Featured Sci-Fi Short: Tears of Steel [Video]

  1. Good to see some coverage outside the Blender Community. I really enjoy this one and the last one Sintel.

  2. Great animation. Too bad it is, well, the same story as presented in the Animatrix by the Wachowski Brothers.
    It is in fact so similar that I wonder if it won't get claims from them :S.

  3. Looks like the Wachowski brothers stole the idea of a robot-dominated future from Jack Williamson’s story “The Humanoids”, then.

    Seriously, how can you own an idea?