The AMAZING iOS 6 Maps [Pics]

One of the best things to come out of Apple’s iPhone 5 and iOS 6 launch has arguably been their new map system. And by best, if you are an Android user,  you finally get the one-over on all your Mac-touting hipster friends. The complaint by users world-wide has centered on the sheer inaccuracy of the Maps locations and route choices, and the strange 3-D rendered surface streets that sometimes shows bridges dropping off canyons or melted down city streets. The outcry was enough to get Apple’s new front-man, Tim Cook, to issue an apology.

Leave it to the Internet to create a shrine so fans and dissenters alike can post their favorite location mistakes. Tumblr users have taken upon themselves and created a site dedicated to The Amazing iOS 6 Maps.

Baltimore's New Underwater Aquarium
It includes such gems like Baltimore’s new underwater Aquarium.

Stockholm's New Coordinates
Or if you fancy a trip to Sweden this winter, take note of Stockholm’s recent move under the new Apple Navigation Law.

New Route Home
I’ve always enjoyed racing trains on my way home. Real enthusiasts take it to the next level and drive on the tracks!

Rathburn Steak House on 2nd Base
Or next time you are at an Atlanta Brave’s game, visit the new Rathburn Steakhouse right behind 2nd base.
Melted NYC
My favorite feature of the new Apple Maps is their post-apocalyptic filter, which makes me feel New York City has been turned into Cthulhu’s playground.

While Apple continues to redesign the wheel, Google is mapping out the ocean floor.

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8 Responses to The AMAZING iOS 6 Maps [Pics]

  1. I'd have to disagree with the third screenshot – in the satellite photo, there's cars parked on both sides of the train track, so that's probably a dirt road/alleyway right next to the track.

    • I disagree with the labeling of it, also, BUT if you look, when it makes you turn left after driving down the "dirt road/alleyway," you would be driving through houses and/or businesses to get to the other street.

  2. Not to sound like an Apple fanboy, but their hands were tied by Google. They wanted/needed turn by turn, but Google wouldn't allow it on a rival device. Obviously a rushed and very flawed product, but to their credit, they've owned up to it. It will get there. All that to say, though, that this is pretty funny…

    • Actually both companies are to blame or not to blame.
      Google wanted their product to be branded more (like it is on Androids Phones), IE calling it Google Navigation and Apple wanted a competitors product without any designer branding. They couldn't come to an agreement so they had to make one of their own. I think they thought they could do it with some recent acquisitions. It too bad that they can't. Apparently Rome want built in a day, who knew.

  3. I have the same navigation problems, but here is a new one! I was planning a route and entered my current location and destination taken from my contact list. When I hit start I realized the route was incorrect, as others have experienced. But when I checked the addresses I entered, they mysteriously changed!!! There is no limit to the number of bugs in apple map.

  4. I think it's sickening that if you defend an Apple device you are an Apple Fanboy, but yet Droid users can rip Apple to shreds and defend Droid – but don't dare call them a fanboy. The divide between the two sides is sickening to the point that talking about it feels like talking about American Politics.

    Even more saddening is the fact GAS is now throwing heavy bias out there (never seen a negative comment towards Droid on this blog; plenty about Apple though). These maps are funny, but is it going to be weekly that I have to see a negative Apple post on GAS?

    Both (correction, All) technologies have their ups and downs.

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