Symphony of Science – Climate Change: Our Biggest Challenge [Video]

We can do this, we can change the world!

A musical investigation into the causes and effects of global climate change and our opportunities to use science to offset it. Featuring Bill Nye, David Attenborough, Richard Alley and Isaac Asimov. “Our Biggest Challenge” is the 16th episode of the Symphony of Science series by melodysheep.


3 Responses to Symphony of Science – Climate Change: Our Biggest Challenge [Video]

  1. A "musical" investigation? I would prefer a scientific one. This has been the problem with global warming all along. It is a political cause, NOT a scientific discipline. You should hang your heads in shame for posting this nonsense.

  2. Amen, Brother Steve, preach it. Check the video again, and see the 'from space' shots that simply show the change in seasons, not the withdrawal of polar ice which is the intended 'moral panic' conclusion. So, now CLOUDS are an issue? Sheesh!

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