3D Printed Mobius Strip of Super Mario World 1-1 [Pic]

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Reddit user TheNarratorOfBastion left this comment concerning this picture. If you ever played Bastion, you’ll recognize the style right away:

Kid finds himself in another strange land. Place just keeps going, ’round and ’round. Real confusing. Meets this red fella, the silent type. Doesn’t even stop to talk. Didn’t have much to say anyway. Kid watches him for a bit. He keeps running and jumping, stomping the same goombas again and again. This ain’t no ordinary place, kid. Some kind of personal hell. Trapped, trying to save a princess that don’t even exist.

Shame there ain’t a warp flute in that level.

Then, using TheNarratorOfBastion’s text, S3XPanther recorded this:

Pretty awesome, right? :)

[Source: Reddit]