Cat Sings Star Wars Theme Song [Vid]

Yes, I know, this is incredibly stupid, but the Death Star shooting at the cat makes it somewhat satisfying. [Via]

Apple Maps Attempts an Apology with Siri

As I’m sure you must have heard by now, Apple’s new iOS6 (which the iPhone 5 has installed on automatically) has had a number of issues. The most irritating, of course, was that they completely bunged up the map functionality as they shifted away Google maps to try their own vectorized version. Of course, the […]

Realistic Fighting Game [Video]

Warning: Video contains strong language. Are you cool? Are you cool? :) [Source: CH]

Avengers Fan Art in Time-Lapse [Video]

“Mary Doodles” Gutfleisch, artist and costume/propmaker for the “Epic Rap Battles of History” web videos, has her own YouTube channel and website, where she further fulfills her creative geek needs. This time around, she has created a time-lapse video of her painting of The Avengers, who protect all creatures, no matter their size! She takes […]

“Eye of Sauron” Nails [Pic]

We’ve seen some pretty awesome nails here at Geeks Are Sexy. But these “Eye of Sauron” nails might be my favorite… These two should team up! [Source: Chalkboard Nails | Via Fashionably Geek]

If Back to the Future Was Made a Few Decades Later [Vid]

I was always a bit of a Back to the Future nerd. Mainly because it played so much on TV when I was a kid that I pretty much knew the whole movie really well. But even if you’ve only seen it once, you should remember that famous scene where Marty goes to the prom […]

‘Steampunk Boba Flight’ Shirt

My buddy, John Strangeway, is rather well-known in the geek community — especially at ‘Star Wars’ and steampunk conventions all over the country — as “Steampunk Boba Fett.” (Here he is, in costume.) He even has his own Facebook page with over 22,000 Likes. And now, he is immortalized on a t-shirt entitled “Steampunk Boba […]

Hungry In Echo Park

Another of our favorite Food-nerds, Adrianna Adarme, who has a fun blog called A Cozy Kitchen, eats her way through LA’s Echo Park – visiting her favorite cheap, and not-so-cheap eats along the way. And if you missed Josh Ozersky talking about NYC’s Hamburger Alley, well, that’s right down this way. [The Hungry Channel]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 53% Off Tron: Legacy / Tron: The Original Classic (Five-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy) – $37.49 + Free Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has Tron: Legacy / Tron: The Original Classic (Five-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy) for just $37.49. THat’s 53% off the set’s usual retail price of $79.99. Disney presents a high-tech motion picture unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an astonishing […]

Cool Tee: What Happens On The Holodeck Stays On The Holodeck

We all know that what happens ON the holodeck should always STAY on the holodeck! [Available for $25 @]

Superman’s Bad Day [Vid]

Poor superman… with great power comes great responsibility! [Dorkly]