‘Steampunk Boba Flight’ Shirt

My buddy, John Strangeway, is rather well-known in the geek community — especially at ‘Star Wars’ and steampunk conventions all over the country — as “Steampunk Boba Fett.”

(Here he is, in costume.)

John Strangeway as Steampunk Boba Fett.
(Courtesy Dim Horizon Studio)

He even has his own Facebook page with over 22,000 Likes.

And now, he is immortalized on a t-shirt entitled “Steampunk Boba Flight”!

Strangeway may not be getting any royalties, but his image DOES have the George Lucas Seal of Approval.

About the shirt’s artwork, he told me: “That is a commission piece I had Brian Kesinger do for me. He went and got it approved by Lucas, so he can sell it as a shirt, so, it’s blessed and has the ‘Star Wars’ tag on it…It was a really awesome surprise when he told me it got the Lucas approval.”

Buy your shirt here!

John and me — The Man Behind the Mask!

[Via WonderHowTo]

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