The Science of Weight Loss [SCIENCE!]

Another gem from ASAP Science, this one explores some weight loss tips and explains how and why they work!

[Via ASAP Science]

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  1. That last bit about stress and sleep is true. Stress is one of the most common reasons people in the US end up in the hospital. I feel like people aren't taking what stress does to a person very seriously. We focus on how we eat and exercise as if that's all there is to it… that's not all. Why are we eating so much? Why aren't we exercising consistently? Saying "Laziness" is a cop-out. SOME people are a lazy, but a majority are not… they're stressed. Their behavior is a result of stress. Until we figure out a way to–nationally–give people a break… over eating and poor sleeping habits will continue, and thus so will obesity.

  2. Nice video and very informational :). Stress a sleep deprivation is very true. I can stay on diets perfectly fine until about 2 months before exam time. I am then perpetually hungry and will eat anything in sight ^^.

  3. Worst pseud-science crp ever. It does not actually explain anything, and it has most things backwards. For ex. it says nothing about insulin levels which are they key to any weight loss or gain – regardless of all the other hormones, which only serve as messengers in feedback systems, but do not actually control in the end how the body uses the energy available to it.

  4. Excellent, containing lots of info I have never heard before (though I have struggled with weight most of my life). Standard weight-loss 'pep pages' are far too simplistic – it's all about exercise and calories. The plans and suggestions concentrate on things that either don't work, can't be fitted into a busy day or represent poor nutrition and/or extreme privation. Which is why most diets don't work.

    Everyone who has a skinny friend who eats like a horse knows there's more to it than calories and exercise. Your video reveals some of the mechanisms of weight gain and loss, and some of the tricks for reducing weight while living a more-or-less normal life. Thank you.

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