Floor Map of The Big Bang Theory [Pic]

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Drawn by artist “Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde” down on deviantART, this is a pretty neat rendering of the floor of The Big Bang Theory with Penny’s Apartment on the left and Leonard & Sheldon’s on the right.

Before you get all up-in-arms about minor details that he has ‘wrong’, remember that TBBT is a sitcom that has been going for five seasons – the sets are going to shift and change in minor details so let’s not get nitpicky and enjoy the cool art ok?

Check out Iñaki’s deviantART page for other apartments he’s done including the Friends apartments, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and Frasier’s apartment.

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  1. I think there should be a window by their computers, since Sheldons spot in the sofa is supposed to be in a draft between the window by the desk (where his birdfriend flew in and out) and a window they point out towards the computers. Otherwise well done!

    • yes to this. in another episode, sheldon is reviewing fire exits (with Raj?), and clearly points to behind the computers, suggesting either a back door (never shown), or a window with a potential fire escape.

      and not for nothing, someone takes the time (geek) to draw the blueprints of comedy (geek) based on nerds (geek squared), and the original post says we AREN'T supposed to geek out and mention flaws? For realz? U new 2 to the interwebz?

    • There are two windows in the living room and the two appears in the drawing.
      The big one at the bottom of the set (where the telescope is) and a liitle one on the wall of the kitchen.
      You can see the two here: http://www.simplifyingfabulous.com/wp-content/uplhttp://ikeakitchendesignonline.files.wordpress.co
      The "fourth wall" has appeared a couple of times and there is not any window in that wall so I supposed tha the other window was the little window in the kitchen, near from Sheldon's desk.
      I based the drawing of the "fourth wall" in this screenshot: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2vluq07&s=6
      You can see the TV set between the two libraries, just before the bigger one.
      Just as it is draw in my floorplan.

  2. Only issue is that in the one episode where Sheldon and Leonard's apartment got broken into and Sheldon goes out on a ledge and crawls to Leonard's window it shows it as a straight shot and not with Sheldon going around a corner 4 stories above the ground.

    • also when it shows the door to leonard's room from inside, it clearly shows the hall going to the right, not straight out…

    • I have seen many episodes to make this floorplan and I can tell you that the set of the hallway has changed every time it appears in an episode.
      Sometimes with a shape and sometimes with another one.
      But Sheldon's doore appears everytime parallel to the bathroom door and Leonard's door in a wall 90º to the right.

      Or this one at the end too:

      The windows are exactly in front of the entrance door of each bedroom cause they normally used the same set to make both bedrooms.
      Conclusion: This floorplan shows the correct position of the bedrooms (including the doors, windows and furnitures) as its show in the series.
      If the screenwriters wants a scene like you comment the only things needed it's a little it of flexibility in the mind of the vievwers to forget the "reality" of the sets distribution.
      I'm not guilty of the racord mistakes made by the writers or the crew that design and build the sets,,,
      I am not writer and I am not builder…
      I only draw what I see…

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