USB Pistol

The clip has an 8 gig capacity so not only will you be carrying around an awesome amount of data in style, but you’ll also be able to fool anyone who tries to mug you on the way back from your late-night DnD sess.

Another one bytes the dust. Too much?

[$14.99 on Amazon | Via GeekAlerts]


7 Responses to USB Pistol

  1. Actually it's called a "magazine" or "mag", not a "clip", and what it really needs is a laser pointer built into the barrel.

  2. Judging by the size of the magazine and the fact the USB ports fits it perfectly I doubt this gun is very big nor would it fool anyone. Unless they started selling micro bronze desert eagles.

    • Just like there's a mother chip, a PC is a Mac, and the internet and world wide web are the same. ;)

    • I've acquired the bad habit of referring to them as "clips" too. But I wouldn't want to be at "Commie-Con" in my "Vapor Punk" costume looking for "Star Hike" memorabilia.