No More eBay Spells

I didn’t know they even had spells on eBay. I don’t actually use eBay that much anyway, but this was still a bit of revelation.

So apparently it’s been a thing to buy things such as magic spells, curses, hexes – even prayers and blessings! eBay has now declared such a thing stupid and is banning “intangible” items.

Looks like I missed my chance to buy a “Vampire Mistress Sex Spirit”. Did they have that in male as well as female? Because then I’d be gutted.

[Via Geeky Gadgets | Photo Credit]

3 Responses to No More eBay Spells

  1. i went on a buying binge right before the ban was enabled and bought nearly a hundred dirty looks, foreboding feelings, unsettling smells, and psychic spears, as well as a handful of slightly sexual deja vu's.

  2. And yet now the European Court grants rights to digital property equal to physical property. So a text of a hex technically is just as valid as an mp3 or all the gold in your WoW account.

  3. Have no fear, you can still buy prayers and hexes and haunted rings on etsy, which is probably where all the sellers on ebay will end up.

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