Deus Ex And the City [Pic]

Now that would be a SATC sequel I could get into.

[Via GeekoSystem]


7 Responses to Deus Ex And the City [Pic]

  1. Why do GAS screw up the title on so many "articles"?
    "…and the city", not "…in the city"

    Before this, it was "You can't take the sky from me", where for some reason the word "away" was inserted.

    Before that, "Asgardian" was spelled with a "z", what I can only assume was an attempt to make it sound gay.

    • I'm impressed that they got it wrong twice — they abbreviate Sex AND the City as SITC, meaning they think it's Sex IN the City — even though the actual POSTER clearly has it correct.

  2. "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."
    Apparently GAS, does not like critique!