Videogames… and their advantages [Pic]

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  1. I'm a touch concerned that there might be short term memory loss though, as the creator of this mentioned decision making speed twice.

  2. The last caption also mentions "they develop the capacity to solve several problems in different situations." Sounds a little too ambiguous to be something to boast about.

    Personally, I hope that I can maintain the ability to solve more than several problems, and do so in an indefinite number of situations.

  3. One video game in particular (Ocarina of Time) helped me gain more confidence in myself.

    Trust me that I remember being six years old and defeating Gohma for the first time (admittedly with the music on mute, because it terrified me at the time) and I felt so on top of the world it was like I could do ANYTHING. :)

  4. I think the same arguments could be made for watching any movie where Bruce Willis has access to a gun and a car. Response times are increased further if explosives are involved.

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