Cellphones: Then And Now [Pic]

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  1. iused to be there, but if its not really urgent or really important, i send them a text so they can get back to me when they have time

    i will send a rtext, give 10-15mins then call if i "need" to know

  2. For my cell purposes prepaid works best; a text costs about the same as one minute of talk time. In one minute I can relay a lot more info than a text. Plus I think it's very annoying when you're trying to talk to someone and their phone keeps "dinging" with every text they get. There's so much junk people text about that would not even justify a phone call, why do we need to fill our lives with so much pointless drivel?!

    • same situation for me, plus in one minute calling i can not only relay a lot more information, additionally it’s a two way connection, so i already have the answer i need (including eventually necessary follow-up questions or clarifications) at no extra cost.

  3. Most people I know you're more likely to get a response from texting than a phone call. Its far easier to respond to a text while at work than a phone call. Also you don't have to be available at that instant. You get get back to them in 5min if you're in the middle of something.

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