Liquid Nitrogen is Not a Toy! [Pic]


(This guy clearly understands the *right way* to do Science, however.)


10 Responses to Liquid Nitrogen is Not a Toy! [Pic]

  1. As many piano students learn within the first 5 minutes of class, no your thumb does not work like that…

  2. to bad it is spray paint, and the figures are fake.. would take a bit more than a splash to do that.. you would have to submerge hand and keyboard for several seconds to get it that cold. not to mention your thumb has no way to bend like that. it would be leaning on its side.

  3. what the hell!?!?! that's not how you have your hand on a keyboard. Everyone knows your index finger is on "E" middle finger on "W" ring finger on "A" little finger on "shift". Atleast the thumb is on the correct button.

  4. @TheFryer we all know its fake! you sound like a douch bag trying to sound smart. ITS A JOKE BRO. I got a giggle out of it. I bet you fix your friends grammar on face book dont you?