A Health PSA for Vampires [Pic]

“Drink this much Human Blood Every Day! — Drink a full big glass of Human Blood every single day to get plenty of B Negative — one thing your undead body doesn’t store up. Stay young the Vampire way! “

[Source: Etsy]

2 Responses to A Health PSA for Vampires [Pic]

  1. What’s “B Negative”?
    Well, it’s a blood type – not a substance. The blood type indicates what kind of antibodies and antigens are in the blood. There are eight main blood types but a total of 30 are medically recognised.
    Less than 2% of people world-wide have this blood type so if a vampire really had a taste for B- then they would be quite a fussy eater.
    So someone decided to make a nice infographic, but they have demonstrated their basic understanding FAIL.

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