Stunning Collection of Daenerys art

To publicize and honor her feminist fantasy novel launching on Kickstarter, The Girl Who Would be King, Kelly Thompson has been collecting images of kickass heroines for 30 days – the duration of her Kickstarter.

On July 8th, day 14 of her 30-day heroine binge, she featured our favourite khaleesi. And she’s gathered some pretty stunning stuff. Here are a few of my favorites, check out the full collection at the link below.

[Collection on 1979 Semi-Finalist | Support Kelly’s novel at The Girl Who Would be King Kickstarter | Via The Mary Sue]

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  1. So… Why are there no credits to the artists who created these images? I know that they're in the file names, but it's a bit ignominious for the source of such wonderful works to be reduced to just a bit of text in a file name.

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