Move Over, Spidey! [Pic]

The Amazing Spider-Man” sure had a great weekend at the box office, already drawing in over $65 million during it’s first weekend.



(Enjoy it while it lasts, Peter Parker!)

[Via First Showing]

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  1. Besides Iron-Man 3 will be out not too long from now and if you wanna compare superheros then put 'ol wimpy bats against Iron-Man. Do the comparison of the characters. Both are born into wealth and have access to cutting edge technology. Neither of them have super/meta human powers. Both rely on gadgets based on their own design. While this view has nothing to do with the above picture I just had to say my view. Besides Spidey would see/anticipate(Spider Sense) Batman before he threw his bat-a-rang. Maybe in the box office batman will win, but in a comic battle against Spider-Man……. and as a sign off
    I AM A MARVEL!!!

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