D’AWWWWWWW: Ron Perlman Becomes ‘Hellboy’ for Make-a-Wish Foundation

This is so heartbreakingly cute, I can’t stand it.

Zachary is 6 and battling leukemia. He also loves “Hellboy”. The Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted Spectral Motion effects house and actor Ron Perlman — “Hellboy” himself —  and both jumped at the chance to make little Zachary’s wish come true!

Perlman sat in the makeup chair for 4 hours to re-transform into Hellboy…and even Zachary got in on the action, thanks to Spectral Motion’s effects!

View more photos at Spectral Motion’s Facebook page!

[Via JoBlo]



8 Responses to D’AWWWWWWW: Ron Perlman Becomes ‘Hellboy’ for Make-a-Wish Foundation

  1. I'm sorry, while nobody can deny that this is incredibly sweet and it says a lot of very good things about Perlman himself and everybody else involved in making it happen, I can't help but wonder how the heck a 6 year old develops a love for Hellboy in the first place

  2. I just gotta say, they couldn't have done the kid the courtesy of giving him a good makeup job….otherwise awesome.

    • I thought the same thing, but Perlman had to sit still for four hours to look that good. (not to mention time getting it off) They probably didn't want to keep the kid waiting more than five minutes.

      Gah. Gotta stop cutting up these onions, here. <sniffle>

  3. I have heard Ron does not want to make a new Hellboy as the makeup takes so long. This is such a great thing he has done, total respect. Ron you are a legend. How many movie stars would do this.

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