The Higgs Boson According to Hipsters [Video]

This video makes me sad. Like really, really sad.


Thumbs up to the lady at 1:48 for the right answer though.


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  1. It sounds like the author needed to feel better about himself, or herself, by implying other people are idiots because they don't know about something really obscure and insignificant in their day-to-day lives (but not insignificant to the scientific community).

    "Geeks are sexy", but "Geek who think they're better than non-geeks" is not so sexy.

    • It's not obscure knowledge, I personally am under impression that Higgs Boson concept is loudly rumored and has nearly popcultural potential. The theory makes significant impact on thinking about physics and should be considered as piece of general knowledge, something you really should be just aware of even if you don't know the precise details of concept.

      Also I find your feelings about "implied idiotism" as oversensitive misinterpretation. In fact you are the one implying intentions of filmmakers AND you are telling the audience what they should have thought about recorded people.

      • Actually, my comment had nothing to do with the filmmakers, nor their intent, at all.

        It was the general tone of this blog posting's author's commentary, including the last comment, "She’s like a ray of sunshine in a sea of ignorance", that gave me the interpretation of what the author, not filmmaker, was trying to imply about people that don't know what a Higgs boson is.

  2. yeah, i think the poster of this post should get off his/her high horse. it was only these couple of weeks that i have heard (might as well say general public) of this higgs boson. i do not see how it is at all ignorant to not know of something that was only recently being talked about in news media.

    • Not really, but the public just tends to have a short memory. It was out there a lot about 4 years ago when the Large Hadron Collider was just about completed.

  3. Right now it's difficult to see the impact this may has… for example e=mc² didn't look like much in 1905 too. But if you want to have that "back to the future hoverboard" this type of research may allows for this technology… that would be fun :)

  4. The guy at :57 also got it.

    Also, most people didn’t know what it was until very recently. So it’s not that saddening to see people who don’t know what it is yet.

  5. Remember, remember,
    your last post with steven hawkings…
    he didn't even believe in them and, with all honesty, neither did I…so don't act all high and mighty that they didn't know what it is…not everyone reads the news

    • Steven Hawkings did say that at he did not believe in it at first; but that doesn't imply that he didn't know about it. Not Knowing != Not Believing. To be able to not believe in something, one must know about it.

  6. Just proves what late night talk show has proven, you send out a camera guy with a question on a street and after editing out nearly everyone who answers it right, you can find a bunch of people who don't know the answer to your question.

    By the way, this is true for ANY question.

  7. Don't act like you knew what the Higgs Boson was before last week or risk sounding like the "hipster" you're making fun of.

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