Nerds with Guitars and The Nerd Mafia

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to cross paths with Alex James and Sean May from Nerds with Guitars when they performed at the Launch Party for Hammer Comics in Hamilton, Ontario. After watching them perform, we swept them away from the raving fans to sit and chat.

Alex and Sean met through common friends after an awkward assumption that they would have so much in common. They both quietly doubted it but history was in the making and these two new found friends started playing house parties and eventually took a chance on the obvious and dubbed themselves Nerds with Guitars.

The Alt-nerd-folk-rock acoustic comedy duo have spent the last seven years lighting up faces at house parties, restaurants and the convention circuit. Their genuine geek side and infectious personalities make their performances a lot of fun.

Check them out performing in front of the Silver Snail in Toronto for Free Comic Book Day earlier this year.

NWG played at the second annual Questy Awards last year, run by the guys at The Watchtower Podcast, which is a little like the Comic Book version of The Razzies with Kat Curtis from NakedNews. They opened for Kirby Crackle and they have also opened for Chris Hardwicke from The Nerdist.

And these Nerds don’t just rest on their extremely catchy and charming laurels, the Alex half of this duo has joined some other nerds to expand geek culture in the Toronto area and has co-founded The Nerd Mafia. Nerd Mafia is a collaborative cross promotional organization that helps the crossover interests of all things Geeky discover each other and get involved. The Dons consist of Gavin Stephens, Sally Christensen from Yarn of Despair, John Torres from Nerd Girl Pinups, Will Perkins from DorkShelf, as well as Eli Green and Nathan Schwartz from Lazyreviewzzz.

Nerds with Guitars will be at Polaris this weekend, presenting a Constellation Award as well as playing the Nerd Mafia Mixer. G33kPr0n is planning something over FanExpo, as they are responsible for all the geek parties, and they have asked Nerds with Guitars to be a part of that too. They play fairly regularily at Rancho Relaxo and Comedy Bar

You can find Nerds with Guitars at their splash page, Facebook Page, and finally, via Twitter: @nerdswguitars.

And don’t forget to check out The Nerd Mafia!

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