We are Not Back to the Future Yet

Great Scott! It is the Future!!

Hold your horses there McFly, that image above is a simple but apparently effective photoshopping of the time console in the Back to the Future DeLorean. It is fake. Just like the one someone made two years ago that had everyone calling 2010 “The Future”

Yesterday, this image was littering the internet and social media sites. As people realized this was the date illustrated as the destination that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in the future, comments like “Where’s my Hoverboard, Flying Car, and self lacing shoes!” were soon to follow.

But it is just not true.

The image spread like wildfire, but fans of the film were quick to shoot it down.

Fans who have paid attention to the popular franchise already have parties bookmarked for October 21, 2015. This is the REAL date they go to in the Future. 2012 is never mentioned in any of the films.

With the exception of October 21, 2015 – where Doc says Marty has do to something about his kids – the only other forward date ever used was 1985. But as for the screenshot we never actually SEE the console when their trip to the future date is entered, so even if the date was right, it would still be an edited image.

So we still have three years before they have to change the Marlins to the Gators so the Cubs can win the World Series, video games will have to be fully hands free, and there will have to be 15 sequels to Jaws.

Oh, and flying cars and hover skateboards. While these things are technically in the works, they are far from mainstream technology.

Did you fall for it?

7 Responses to We are Not Back to the Future Yet

  1. Erm actually hardly anyone I knew fell for this…..
    Most people know its shopped
    No need for this article AT ALL.

  2. Thought this was wrong, because in the movie, they talk about going ahead in time 30 years, which would be 2015, The screencap above is only 27 years, three years too soon.

  3. They show a USA today paper from the following day that says October 22, 2015. It changed in his hands. That makes the date they traveled to 10/21/15.


  4. I can't remember seeing a seven segment LED Display with half a segment illuminated like the "J" in the fake picture – clearly it must be from the future!

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