How NOT to Promote Science to Women [Video]

I don’t know about you guys, but from my perspective, this video completely misses the mark when it comes to promoting scientific careers to women girls. This thing looks like an ad for a fashion magazine, certainly not something that would encourage ladies to pursue a career in a scientific field.



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  1. What the hell did I just watch? I expected this to end with a "Come study fashion design at The Art Institutes" at the end.

  2. Making it look fun and interesting? Heaven forbid! This will offend the geeks, but that's not who this ad is meant for in the first place. I'd say they got their target audience right. Is it perfect? No. I would have like to have seen something other than oh say.. makeup being featured in "science" but is it offensive? Not really.

    • I have to agree with you. I am a woman engineer, and I find this commercial ridiculous. However, I am not the intended audience for this. This is a video used to get woman who would not other wise find science and mathematics interesting.

      • I never would have guess this was about science just watching. Just the 6 inches pumps in the beginning ruins it for me.

        If someone (and as an engineer you would) has no interest in math or science- why bother? They are not going to like the subject more because of video showing girls in mini skirts and 6 in heels screeching "science"

        Yes it offends this geek but more because *science" is not one area of study but many many areas.

        • And the only who looks like they are taking anything seriously is the guy with the glasses in the beginning. Great touch proving science is a girl thing

  3. Whoever made this video sure knows a lot about how to make good ads but has no idea how to promote technique and science to women. It might sound sexist but this clip just shows some *** that where some protection glasses (and only in the end) and in my point of view, this has as many to do with science as fashion has to do with saving the rain forest. But I have to admit, at least someone tries to make science interesing for girls! (btw: girls, we're waiting for you in this domain ;-) )

  4. no, just no.

    it's like this diet coke commercial I watched at the cinema yesterday.
    It was with this really obnoxious female puppet and at first I was like:
    Haha, that's good irony, but then i was like:
    this has to be ironic right? RIGHT???
    then it went on to:
    Please god, tell me this is meant to be ironic
    and finally to: Oh god, some people actually still think this is what women are like.

    It's just plain horrible and misogynistic that these kinds of commecials still exist.

  5. I think the key point is simply that any person (male or female) who would buy into this type ad doesn't belong in the scientific industry. If you take this flashy crap at face value you'll never understand the scientific method. :P

  6. this video is sexist and will do nothing to get girls into science. if they really wanted to get the girls that care about makeup and fashion into science, then how about some supermodels EXPLAINING how chemistry, etc. is used in the creation of makeup, clothing, etc?

  7. WOW. What I took from this was, "hey girls, come do science. You can make lipstick and glitter!" You know, because that's all we care about. Of all the fun and amazing things to dazzle young girls with, thy used make up, bright colors, and fashion? Full of fail.

  8. As long as girls are brainwashed to believe that 6" heels and glitter and sex is the only way to popular, then of course, that is all that will reach them. And yes GaS… you promote the same concept. For a female to be valued they have to have the body… minds are optional.

  9. This is about as effective as Benni Benassi’s Satisfaction video was at promoting safe power tool usage to women.

    That was the point of that one, right? Yeah.

  10. WTF?! Definitely not what I would associate with science. It might get get a girly girl's attention, but for the masses I don't see it being at all effective.

  11. If the last couple of seconds were cut off ("science, its a girl thing") I wouldnt have a clue what the video was about. Maybe the male scientist cloned some hot chicks?

  12. its actually quite sexist to go, how do we get women into science i know MAKE UP that is totally what is going to be the only way i dont think this really sent a scientific message at all.

  13. This is so dumb! how will you get women to understand science by showing them a fashi….


    You mean to say that this may not be targeted to college / career / older women? that the target could be tween girls? just like military ads show G.I. Joe technology and antics to pander to teen boys to join the military when they grow up? and that by planting the seed early on as they grow tween / teen girls could experience real science and not immediately reject it as "boring" or "uncool" or "not girly" ?

    And you say this is called "marketing"…. mmm I don't know that sounds like dark magic. I refuse to accept the possibility.

  14. The question is, does the ad attract young women to consider working in science? The question is not, does this ad offend existing women scientists?

    If a number of smart, curious young women feel that they need to give up their femininity to become scientists, that just might be what is blocking that as a career path.

    As for the lab coat argument, not all science is done in the lab.

  15. This is a little offensive to me, but I can understand where they are coming from. This isn't for women who already know what they want to do with their life. It's for girls who aren't sure yet. And if it gets one girl interested in science then good on them, they know what they're doing.

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