Mind Blowing 3D Animation: I, Pet Goat II [Video]

I won’t comment on the political or philosophical aspects behind this video, but from a visual perspective, this is one of the most brilliant 3D animation I’ve been given to watch in a long, long time. I’m especially happy to give it a little love since it comes from an animation studio that is located just 30 minutes from where I live.

Based in the beautiful Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal, Canada, Heliofant is a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content. Bringing together artists from the fields of dance, music, computer animation and visual arts, the company is very interested in exploring the common ground that underlies many spiritual and philosophical traditions in a lyrical form.


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  1. Okay, the animation is nice. Very nice. That means it's a very pretty piece of nonsense.
    Every time I see this, I wish the creator(s)/ artist(s) would write out in plain words everything they're trying to communicate. (Giving little blurbs about a few of the characters on your website doesn't cut it.) Once the curtain is pulled back, what might seem deep and thought-provoking when presented this way, would probably just seem shallow and trite. Kind of like when you have the most brilliant idea ever, until you say it out loud and realize how ridiculous it sounds. For example, "the political left and right of America are two sides of the same puppet being controlled by a secret organization/force/etc."

    Again, visually stunning work from some obviously talented people. There have been some great stories told on here in very simple mediums. Imagine if they were made with this level of visual greatness.

    • "I wish the creator(s)/ artist(s) would write out in plain words everything they're trying to communicate"

      that's kind of.. like really missing the point.

      • Then you missed mine. Im guessing the meaning isn't deep enough to warrant the type of serious thought they're hoping to provoke. I.e. nonsense.

    • There is nothing secret about what controls the political scene in America… let me give you a hint, it's green.

    • I know, right? Every time I'm at the museum, I'm all like "why can't the artist just say what they're getting at, instead of producing all the abstract paintings and sculptures!?" Kinda like when you have a brilliant idea, that can't be expressed in words… You should just not think it. Pretty, though.

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