RADICAL OPENNESS: An Anthem to the Power of Ideas [Video]

Wow, that left me totally out of breath, how about you guys? :)

RADICAL OPENNESS: An anthem on the power of IDEAS created by Jason Silva at Therapy Studios.

[Jason Silva]

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  1. PS: No amount of Hand Gestures or Fast talking or zooming sound effects and motion graphics can persuade me that giving away all of your best ideas for nothing to the masses can be a good idea. People can have my ideas for free when I'm dead. But right now, I want to be paid for them.

  2. i'd like to hear someone talk quickly and wave their hands around while explaining capitalism within the context of those same technological advancements and periods of rapid innovation.

  3. Those that refrain from sharing ideas that can aid all the people on this planet are selfish and locked within the old fashioned and ignorant perspective on business, society and life.

    We live in an age where the sharing of ideas and global communication is viable not only to ourselves but those around us and for all humanity.

    I strongly believe in the concept of Open Source and this Radical Openness is yet another perspective which shares a similar concept.

    Think of it like this, as humanity we are a team, a huge team of 7 billion strong. A team is only prevalent, successful and prosperous if it actually works as a team and not as individuals with only oneself as the predominant factor.
    You see this on a small scale in sports, business and society, and I'm certain anyone who has lived has seen that a team fails when they don't work together, and a team prevails when pulling together and working as a team.
    Well, it's the same concept, just on a larger scale!

    Radical Openness will benefit us more as a species than as individuals, surely that's a benefit that you would want to leave behind for the generations to come, as opposed to the suppressive, cut-throat, each for their own gain attitude of yesteryear.

    If you can't see this then you need to step out of your box and really open your eyes!

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