Realm of LARP: A peek into the world of LARPing

LARPing – that is, Live Action Role Playing – is one of those things that once you’re engaged in it, you can quite safely claim epic geek status. There’s an awesome LARP group near me that I’ve been meaning to join and haven’t had the time. This show only urges me to go forth and conquer!

Nerdist Channel have created a rather professional-looking web reality series that closely follows a group of people engaged in a LARP quest. They each have varying experience in LARPing, have characters of differing intelligence and most of all are having so, so much fun.

When I first heard of it, I was afraid it might be quite amateurish and would probably end up being a disappointing execution of a neat idea. However, I actually find it quite well put together with characters that are compelling, engaging and – most importantly – different.

Check out the 10 minute premiere, The Journey Begins below. This is one show I’m going to be keeping my eye on for sure!

“Geeks are people who are just…really passionate about things.” I approve.

[Via NerdistChannel]

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  1. Ok once again any features on larp tend to be from smaller less immersive larp systems that in reality makes it look much more geeky than it really is,unlike such larp systems

    • The Problem with LARPing is, that it requires fantasy to work. Though good costumes and props help a lot. ;) Conquest of Mythodea (Video posted by Neil Payne) is the worldwide biggest event and does have a lot of the best an the worst, but their videos are always great.

  2. I just think its funny that he thinks that some are less geeky than others. It's going to be considered geeky regardless. Doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it of course.

  3. At no point did I say theres anything wrong with it,Im a big geek myself and have been larping for more than 10 years,but some reason certain things are seen as more socialably acceptable like being a comic book geek and such,id love for larp to attract alot more people to the hobby but to tempt people to do it there videos should be of the best examples of the hobby to show "look this is what is possible" .

  4. Hello all,

    Speaking as the creator and director of the show, there were three main issues that lead us to working with a smaller group. I am proud of the final product as well, but here are the reasons.

    1. Resources: We were working on a limited budget and that means that we could not pull a large group of people together. Why not just go to a giant group that already exists? For one, we wanted all the PC's to be from varying backgrouds. some were from a particular LARP group, one was someone brand new that had never LARPed and one was from a different group. The variety helped and little with the something for everyone. We also did not go to a large group because-

    2. Many LARPers we approach were suspicious as to how we were going to portray LARP. And for good reason. In the past, LARP has been lampooned in media now and again so many were untrustworthy of our intentions. in fact , groups that we approached and turned us down have since been in contact saying that we should film them next time now that they have seen the product. It was much easier to get to know individuals and a smaller group to help build trust and pull things off on a shoestring budget.

    3. Working with a small simple LARP makes it easier for those who have never experienced LARP to watch and understand what is going on. The show is a love note to LARPers and LARPing but we also want laymen to be able to watch, understand, and enjoy.

    Victor Varnado
    Creator / Director
    Realm of LARP

  5. What i meant with "it requires fantasy to work" is, that for non-LARPers it is especially hard to really get into the feeling. When i started LARPing 19 years ago, there was nothing whatsoever except the SCA and some reenactors. Information and equipment was hard to come by and the pecking order was like: Reenactors looking down at the SCA and both were looking down at the LARPers. Well, at least it was like that in germany.
    These days you can buy almost anything you can imagine and there are LARPing groups that are better equipped and sometimes even more historically accurate than Reenactors. It's a pitty the army left our town, so i don't have much contact to the SCA anymore.
    Anyway, the point i did want to make is – there are really good equipped LARPers and, though i do not want to lower your efforts, the uninvolved viewer is more likely to say "wow, what those folks do looks like in the movies, i can understand why they want to do it" when the framework of a movie is right. It is hard enough to get someone uninvolved to use their fantasy and ignore some discrepancies when they visit a Convention.

    I guess everybody has got different ideas about what looks good, but a white knight like guy with a bucket as a helmet? c'mon. Damn, i must sound like a real jerk. xP

    For a fanfilm, it is very high and appealing quality and though i do not like the very american D&D / computergame like style and some of the equipment, i like the people shown and their Chars. ;)

    you might want to take a look at

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