Realm of LARP: A peek into the world of LARPing

LARPing – that is, Live Action Role Playing – is one of those things that once you’re engaged in it, you can quite safely claim epic geek status. There’s an awesome LARP group near me that I’ve been meaning to join and haven’t had the time. This show only urges me to go forth and conquer!

Nerdist Channel have created a rather professional-looking web reality series that closely follows a group of people engaged in a LARP quest. They each have varying experience in LARPing, have characters of differing intelligence and most of all are having so, so much fun.

When I first heard of it, I was afraid it might be quite amateurish and would probably end up being a disappointing execution of a neat idea. However, I actually find it quite well put together with characters that are compelling, engaging and – most importantly – different.

Check out the 10 minute premiere, The Journey Begins below. This is one show I’m going to be keeping my eye on for sure!

“Geeks are people who are just…really passionate about things.” I approve.

[Via NerdistChannel]