Left-Brain Right-Brain False?

I have to admit, I’m not particularly knowledgeable in the area of neuroscience, my experience being limited to second-hand information from my sister (who is a doctor) and from Grey’s Anatomy (the latter being the greater influence, sadly enough). So I can’t particularly put any weight behind an opinion on this, but self-proclaimed “armchair neuroscience minor” at The Refined Geek, says that the whole right-brain = logical and left-brain = creative dichotomy is, in fact, a bit of a farce,.

He says that lateralization of the brain (i.e. the dividing up of the brain into different parts for different functions) in fact shows that creative and logical functions are evident on both sides of the brain.

Wikipedia would agree (all hail Wikipedia), but having done a physics degree, I am aware that there are many things that scientists disagree on – even things that are considered “conclusive” to some are not so unequivocal to others. There’s countless incidences of things being “proven” in the history of physics, only to be debunked later when technology catches up and can measure things more precisely. I would suppose something so complex as pinpointing what part of the brain is used for a particular function might leave quite a large room for error, would it not?

But like I said, my knowledge of neuroscience is limited to pop culture, so let me throw this one out to you sexy neuro-geeks: any advocates or naysayers of the left-and-right brain differential? Care to comment?

[Via The Refined Geek | Photo Credit: TZA]