“Ultimate Zombie Destoyer” Does Not Disappoint! [PIC] [VIDEO]

Something tells me I’m gonna need more than the box of 500 bullets sitting in the closet next to my .22 Smith & Wesson pistol when the Zombie Apocalypse finally occurs. (Because let’s face it; we all know it’s inevitable.)

Well, thanks to Moss Pawn in Jonesboro, GA — not super-far from my Atlanta apartment, actually…hmmmm — I will now DEFINITELY die, because something tells me they’re not gonna give up their “Ultimate AR-15 Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer” when Z-Day comes.

This AR-15 is outfitted with nine 30-round magazines, three laser sights, numerous flashlights, bi-pod, muzzle break, and three red dot scopes.

It also weighs a whopping 23-pounds, so…great for distance, at least, which I guess is half the battle, right?

And do you want to see how it works?? OF COURSE YOU DO.

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  1. Tacti-cool, but useless. AR wouldn't be my first choice if zombies came anyways. I'd rather have something in 7.62 for range, or good old boomstick for close range.

  2. The advantage of an AR is the availability of ammunition. You're much more likely to find half spent mags from M-16s lying around following a zombie outbreak than AK rounds. The AK round may be heavier and have a greater impact, but if your targets are zombies- generally slow and unable to take cover, then careful aim will make the AR's lighter round just as effective, provided your aim is better than a stormtroopers.

    Personally I think it's too heavy and too bulky and all those lights and LASERs only serve to put you on the menu. Give me a semi-automatic .22 rifle over that monstrosity any (zombie apocalypse) day. The .22 and it's ammunition are light, very common and quite capable of taking down oblivious, unarmored targets at 300 yards- and how far are you really likely to be shooting whilst roaming the wastelands of Zombieland America?

  3. This video gives me fits, yet for some reason I am not surprised that some folks out there would actually think "cool" when they saw this. Chalk it up to experience but numerous years working in both the DoD, and other agencies I have come to learn an appreciate weapons. All I can do is shake my head at the ridiculous sight that this weapon is, and yet whenever I visit a gun store anywhere they always have a similar product.
    First off weight is the killer, not just the weight of the weapon itself taking into account size, ammunition, magazine size, accessories you might have needlessly clamped on. You also have to take into account how much ammunition you will actually be lugging about with you, there is a reason the standard combat load is 6 magazines of 5.56 not more. Not to mention familiarity with said weapon (everyone loves the AK now how many of you can field strip it, and reassemble it in all conditions?) I could rant on and on, but no one want's to hear all of that.

    As for my Day Z Kit, I'll stick with the .22 it's small enough to carry plenty of ammo with me to bug out, yet the ballistics of the round will drain it off much of it's kinetic energy before it gets a chance to exit the skull cavity even in a short range engagement. Causing the much smaller round to ricochet inside the skull carving the brain to pieces. Yes a 223 or 5.56 will have much the same effect, but at closer ranges of 100 yards or less, the round will most likely penetrate the entire skull, not necessarily guaranteeing an immediate one shot, one kill scenario. However at longer ranges, the same round is much more useful, Jay is right 300 yards and up is rare indeed, but if I have the opportunity to reach out, and touch someone at 500 yards or further I might as well take the opportunity.

    That's all I got, I'll put my soapbox away now.

  4. In a zombie apocalypse rifles are a big mistake. Yes you can take out walkers at a distance, but I'm sorry if they are that far away you should be moving not standing around taking aim. The main problem I have with the rifle option is that if i get jumped on I wanna be able to pull a trigger and get myself free before taking a bite, and a rifle is just too big to do this. The best weapon to go for would be a hand gun. For me it has to be the Glock 21 with the Veridian X5L Universal Green Laser/Tactical Light, Gemtech Blackside .45ACP suppressor (to minimise attention whilst firing) and SGM hi-capacity magazines (extends capacity to 27 rounds). I would probably keep a similarly modified Glock 17 holstered as well allowing me to use both .45 and 9mm ammo.

  5. Honestly, this rifle makes me want to vomit. I wander if I could attach a titanium spork to the end like a bayonnete so I can eat canned fruit and jello without having to put my weapon down. Or perhaps an upside down fore-grip to use as a toilet paper holder. This type of gun will get you killed. Personally, I'd rather go with a simple baseball bat or shovel as my main self-defense weapon. And keep a trusty pistol holstered unless I find myself surrounded by enough walking corpses to justify using ammunition. Seven or eight rounds in a 1911 would be enough because the goal would be escape, not kill every last zombie. AGAIN, the goal is to avoid and escape zombie encounters. If you want to take down every last walking corpse go ahead and try, but you would not be fighting zombies, you'd be fighting time. Eventually you will run out of ammo. Eventually your gun will fail. If you don't feel that a blunt weapon would be enough in most instances, then take TheReluctantGeek's advice. Glocks are used by many government agencies around the world simply due to ease of use and maintainability, two things that are far more important than clip size and power in this scenario. I just personally prefer a 1911, but I would honestly carry a Glock 19 ( compact version of the 17) to make use of .45 and 9mm ammo as well. The biggest forgotten addition is attaching a pistol lanyard to your gun, that should be common sense.

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