“Ultimate Zombie Destoyer” Does Not Disappoint! [PIC] [VIDEO]

Something tells me I’m gonna need more than the box of 500 bullets sitting in the closet next to my .22 Smith & Wesson pistol when the Zombie Apocalypse finally occurs. (Because let’s face it; we all know it’s inevitable.)

Well, thanks to Moss Pawn in Jonesboro, GA — not super-far from my Atlanta apartment, actually…hmmmm — I will now DEFINITELY die, because something tells me they’re not gonna give up their “Ultimate AR-15 Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer” when Z-Day comes.

This AR-15 is outfitted with nine 30-round magazines, three laser sights, numerous flashlights, bi-pod, muzzle break, and three red dot scopes.

It also weighs a whopping 23-pounds, so…great for distance, at least, which I guess is half the battle, right?

And do you want to see how it works?? OF COURSE YOU DO.

[Via Obvious Winner]