SimCity Gameplay Video

EA Maxis has released this gameplay trailer for their upcoming (2013) SimCity game at E3 last week. So, what do you guys think? Fun or Meh?



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    • I'm looking forward to it too! I'm gonna at least give it a chance. I've bought every single SimCity game that's come out. I don't plan on stopping now! :D

  1. While it looks to be a lot of fun, I anticipate it failing… The fact that you have to be online 100% of the time to play it means that you'll find it on most people's (including mine) warez laundry list as a result.

  2. I love SimCity, and was really excited when this one was announced…
    …but this trailer made me kinda go 'meh'.

    Don't know what it is, but just seems to be lacking something.
    Maybe it'll all clear up whit a few in-depth gameplay looks, especially when it comes to actually building cities.

  3. To me the graphics look like a step backwards from Sim City 4 (released in 2003) and far, far behind on of the other city-building games: Cities XL. I know that publishers like to downscale the system requirements for bigger mass-appeal, but these graphics just look seriously outdated.

  4. If it is an online deal 100% of the time, it might just be for achievement purposes.

    Alternatively, there should be an option to play offline, but your achievements won't be published. It's already known that there will be multiplayer gaming.

    I really do hope they go all out on this, fine tune it and really be faithful to the fans by say changing the name from simple SimCity, to something other than SimCity 5, SimCity Legacy perhaps?

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