This Guy Deserves a Pad on the Back

Don’t you love it when the world just works?

This guy works at a restaurant part-time while doing his degree. A semi-regular customer – who this guy had only talked to about 3-4 times about how the customer was doing an aeronautical engineering PhD – came in and left a package for him, telling him that this had helped him with his studies and that he wanted him to have it.

Judging by the size and weight, he thought it was an old textbook or something. Lo and behold, he opens it up later, when the customer was long gone, and this was what he beheld.

And for the cynics out there, this is a guy that I know personally, so I know he’s telling the truth and this actually happened (it was on his Facebook wall first).

If only more people were as kind as this anonymous customer. Random acts of kindness FTW.

[Via Reddit]


3 Responses to This Guy Deserves a Pad on the Back

  1. awesome! I don't care for Apple products, but this proves there are good people out there.
    it also proves that is you're a waiter (I'm assuming something alike for this guys job) and treat your customers right, you will get tipped nicely.

    • Indeed. I got tipped a few euros for things that go without saying for me. If you work in a restaurant or a hotel, being nice and considerate to guests is what stays in their minds and make them repeat customers.
      And if you are nice people are usually also nice to you, which creates a positive working environment. Everyone is happy =)

      Giving away an iPad like this is extremely generous. But no matter the scale, this INDEED shows that there aren't just idiots and egoists out there that steal your food out of the fridge in the community kitchen of the dormitory (grrr).

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