Star Trek: Then and Now [Pic]

Yep, that looks about right!



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    • Speaking for myself, I saw the movie once in the theater, didn't like it much, and haven't thought about it since. After it was explained, I got it, and felt a little silly. But I don't really think of the new movie as "Star Trek". Meh.

  1. I've made a drinking game out of the new Star Trek. However its not for every lens flare take a drink. Someone would end up with alcohol poisoning in 10 minutes if we did that. No its for every 10 lens flares take a drink.

  2. For those of us that wear glasses you can achieve the JJ Abrams lighting effect in other movies simply by smudging up your glasses and then improperly cleaning them by wiping the glasses with a shirt in a horizontal fashion.

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