Justice League Movie Rumored to Be Back in Development

According to entertainment magazine Variety, DC has been working on getting their powerhouse superhero team to the big screen. The rumor is newcomer Will Beall has been hired to draft up the screen play. His work includes several episodes of Castle and a film about the Mafia versus the LAPD to debut this year.

After Avengers dominated the box office, it’s no surprise DC will want a hand at that. Green Lantern and the Superman reboot were considered a flop by many fans, with Nolan’s Batman franchise being the only comic film in recent memory that has had success for the company and their parent, Warner Bros.

There’s a lot to be excited about for a Justice League movie. Having a relative unknown work on the script is a risky move. I am really curious to see the short list of directors on tap for the project.

In your perfect movie world, who would you like to see cast as the World’s Finest?

[Via Variety.com]

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