The Dirtiest PC You’ll See Today [Video]

So geeks, how does this PC compare with the dirtiest PC you’ve ever seen? Got any “Dirty PC” stories to share with us? Tell us all about them in the comment section below!

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  1. I own 3 cats, so my computers end up with some pretty huge dust-bunnies. I clean out my husband's and my computer about every year. My husband computer tends to get the dirtiest since the cats like to rub against it and he's got a side fan that draws air into the tower. (Mine is in an enclosed space so it's hard for the cats to get to, though my front air filters are usually filled with cat fur by the end of the year.)

    Still, this video is the WORST I've ever seen the inside a computer. It probably sat in a smoker's home for over 5 years without ever being opened up and cleaned. >_>

    • Why do you ASSume it was a smoker's home? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a smoker so I'm not getting defensive about that. Your ASSumption though is completely asinine. What in the video though gave you any clue that it belonged to a smoker? Because it was dirty?

      BTW, only cleaning out your PC once a year is nowhere NEAR enough. It's something that needs to be done once a month for best results.

      • Untwist your panties and take some deep breaths. I wasn't being malicious, just ignorant. I thought it might be a smoker because I assumed the black dust was discolored by cig. smoke. Of course, the much more informative post below has taught me otherwise. But it's not the kind of information I'd know about naturally, since I don't smoke, my friends don't smoke, and most of my family doesn't smoke. (Except for one Aunt, but she cleans up after herself.)

        That's right, Internet. I have just admitted I was wrong. ;)

        I clean our computers exactly the amount they need. That works out to a once-a-year intense cleaning session. I do some minor cleaning maintenance on the outside too, as needed (dusting and cleaning out the vents mostly).

    • As a retail computer tech I have seen many filthy machines. This was NOT from a smokers home. Smokers computers that are not taken care of have tar mixed in with the dust that make giant dust balls. The tar dust cakes on the components and turns everything a brown colour. No amount of air pressure would clean out a system that was poorly taken care of by a smoker. This is a fine dust that can accumulate in any house if not cleaned out for many years and the owner does not dust their own house. Also could have been from a construction site in a mobile office trailer. I have had a few systems come in from one of those before and it was crazy dusty. Three cans of compressed air later it looked like this one looked. Bright coloured cables and free of dust.

      • Thank you for such useful information! Not being a smoker, and never having cleaned a smoker's computer, I really wouldn't know. It never occurred to me there might be tar mixed in there and the color would be different. Once again, thank you for telling me.

      • Back in the late 80's and early 90's my father owned a computer company which was (regionally) quite successful. Being a port town there was a fair bit of industry and particularly interesting were the freight forwarding companies (they call it international logistics now). These guys are truckers with a big truck stop who take loads in and forward them on to other countries.

        Lord knows what they did with them in their offices but those machines would come back regularly for servicing and the technicians started to find creative ways of stopping diesel smoke, dirt and cigarette smoke from clogging up their machines. It must have made for good business though!

    • Actually it wasn't in a smokers home, generally if a computer is in a smokers home who smokes inside their house, the tower would be a yellowish color not white like in the video, judging by how easy it was to clean this is a simple setup video, as in they had probably blown the dust into the unit so they can shoot this video. The dust looked like it was from a tower being set alone for many years without use, and generally there is a slight bonding of the dust to the metal which requires liquid cleaners to remove, I like to use extra power 409 for this.

  2. thats nothing..i opened one up the other day that had a blanket of dirt/dust over the MB so thick you couldnt see the power light diode on the board when it was powered. at least on the one in the vid you could still make out that the color of the MB was brownish

  3. I worked at a PC repair shop until it went out of business in '09. We had a customer who ran a business out of his garage . He brought his computer in and it was CLOSE to that dusty, but not quite…what it DID have was probably between 2-300 dead cockroaches…

  4. This one IS pretty bad. Almost looks like it was a shop/garage computer to me.

    I remember one time we had a lady who called and said her computer wouldn't stay on so I went and picked it up and immediately upon entering the house it was a HORRIFIC stench of cats. When I was unplugging the cords/cables from the back of the pc everything felt slick/sticky and I had an idea of what was going on. Got it back to the workbench and opened it up and yep, the male cats in her house had been marking the pc. So not only was the case FULL of cat hair but it was covered with cat piss as well.

  5. I once opened up a case, saw the discarded shells of cockroaches, and immediately took it to the back of the shop. We wrapped it up in a few garbage bags and told the customer we couldn't accept the machine.

    The thing wouldn't boot, so I guessed the roaches had chewed through some cables or circuits. Felt bad for the guy, too – he was legally blind, likely had no idea that his house was infested.

    • Generally Roaches don't chew through cables, what normally happens in a house that is like this, is that a roach had caused an arch in the PSU shorting it out, only fix for this is replace the PSU and hope the shorting out didn't fry the CPU, which does happen from time to time.

      Also, if one roach gets out of the tower it is too late, should have went ahead and just cleaned it, this is another reason my shop does a quick inspection of the units at the clients house and if there is roaches we use an air can to extract, blow, them out of the tower at the clients house, so the shop won't get them, this has worked for over 20 years at my shop, we have yet to see one here.

  6. Hah!…….it wasn't a PC but a lottery terminal in a greasy spoon diner when I worked for Control Data Corporation for the Maryland State Lottery. T he motherboard was an inch thick with the sugary syrupy remains of unknown spilled cups of coffee, which of course meant the whole interior was filled with LITERALLY!!!!! tens of thousands of roaches in all stages of life! There was a nine inch diameter mass of freakin' pulsating eggs and pupae! and roach shit and dead carcasses……..barffffff, still makes me sick…..and this was in 1984!….lol! Told my boss "screw this, it's not going in my (assigned) van! write it off!" then put it in a dumpster and added half a gallon of gasoline and immolated the f*ckers!

  7. This definitely ranks up there with the dirtiest computers I’ve ever seen, along with my mom’s 6-year-old HP tower (she has three cats, too!). We keep our computers fairly clean here at home, but that hasn’t stopped my fiancee from somehow ending up with a fork AND a tube of Arctic Silver mysteriously falling out of his tower come dusting time…

  8. I was under the impression that using an air compressor was a bad idea because of water vapor, is that not the case?

      • While preparing to clean a laptop i called my client to get her windows password and asked her what the dried substance was that packed her network and usb closed. The hubs and i were thinking peanut butter. …. poop. Bleck!

    • That's why you just leave the computer off for awhile if you choose to go that route. The only reason it would harm anything is if you turn it back on right away if you suspect any moisture has gotten on it. Those compressors (at least MOST) have a drain valve for the condensation. You still run the risk of SOME water vapor/whatnot but it's almost nill.

    • If you maintain the compressor, and drain it frequently, you will not get the water vapor from the nozzle. Many places, however, are often too lazy to do this,

  9. The worst I ever saw was when I did work for an electric utility at a coal power plant. The computer was, literally, in a one foot deep pile of coal dust. I’m amazed it didn’t explode when they turned it on!

    On the same job we did work at a nuke plant as well. Some of the computers had to be disposed of as low level nuclear waste. That’s dirty in a totally different way from what you mean here.

    The guy with the roach infested lotto terminal wins.

  10. I work as a computer tech in a retail electronics store and this PC is NOTHING compared to one I worked on last week. It was a custom built system we did for him 6 months ago. It came from a smokers home that did not take care of his system. It seemed like he was blowing his smoke directly into the computers front intake fan. The whole thing reeked like an ash tray if you got within 3 feet of it. Inside the silver aluminum was now a brown colour. All the components inside were covered in a brown tar/dust mixture that was gritty and sticky. There were 6 inch long caterpillars of tar dust bunnies dangling from the cabling. It was the worst I had ever seen. I had to wear plastic gloves and a surgeons mask to try and "diagnose the problem". I used a air vac and compressed air cans to try and clean it up but it does not clean off unless you use alcohol or other electronic liquid cleaning product. It made me want to vomit. Kicker of all this is I use to be a smoker so the smell of a lit cigarette does not bother me one bit. This smelt like he ashed into his computer and never cleaned it up. I ended up telling him he needed to buy a whole new system because this one was ruined from the intense amount of caked on tar on the motherboard. He fried the whole thing. We tested all parts of his system in another computer with new or like new parts and nothing worked. The system cost $2600 dollars. Down the drain.

  11. Meh, I used to do this almost on a daily basis when I worked for Capitol Light. Most of the boxes were used for nothing more than Eclipse dumb terminals which booted off floppies. But because they were located in the warehouse this was a common occurrence. Whenever we got calls to the help desk most of the time we just needed to blow them out, maybe replace a fan and/or floppy drive and good as new. Some of them were worse than that one.

  12. that's nothing! I was part of an ever-greening project for coal extraction plant and we found a PC with 2 inches of flammable coal dust in the bottom. It would have been cool to set it ablaze, but apparently that would void the machine replacement policy.

  13. I cleaned a PC that the client had been using in the crusher floor of a cement factory. It was caked with cement dust and dirt even worse than this one in the video. Took over half an hour to blow all the dirt and dust out of that thing with the compressor up at 90 PSI. I had to replace the PSU, CPU and all the fans ( as they had all seized, causing the CPU failure ). Once I replaced all that and cleaned up the RAM pins with an eraser, it booted normally.

  14. Had plenty worse than this, although it was an impressive amount of loose dust. I’m in Houston, so before it ever gets that high the humidity here turns the dust into a caked on layer of gray matter. The worst I have seen thugh was at my last job. They had desktop towers in the shop where they ran wood trimming machines. Aside from an equal amount of dust, it had a six inch tall pile of loose saw dust inside the case. Really surprised it still ran at all.

  15. I work for a company that supply PC's to garages, and we see this and sometimes much worse on a weekly basis. The tyre dust mixes with grease and it's just an absolute mess inside…
    It's amazing that they last that long.

  16. I'd consider the computer that I found with a bad motherboard due to a mouse peeing on it to be even more gross.

  17. Yeah, this one takes the cake (for me at least). This would be one of those rare instances where we (at ) would like a surgical mask in addition to eye protection when I fire up that Crafstman electric leaf blower.

  18. I've seen plenty and this looks like one I saw on a factory floor. Pretty nasty but not much surprises me nowadays.

    The best non-dirty related story was this client that swore she was rebooting but it was too damn fast up/down. I went onsite only to find out she was turning off and on the monitor xD

  19. I worked retail myself- and had to do the occasional repair on machines. One particularly memorable one came from a household that fostered (more like hoarded!) dogs, and the machine was full of dirt, dog-hair and all sorts of unmentionable filth. We could smell it across the room. We had to take it outside and blow it out with a shop back, and MATS of hair came peeling out of it.

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