DING DING DING: We Have a Big Big Winner Here! [Pic]


Apart from that, coolest fireplace ever.



7 Responses to DING DING DING: We Have a Big Big Winner Here! [Pic]

    • Joshua's comment = win for the day! Even though as a long-time Star Wars geek, it kind of made me twitch a bit. LOL

  1. actually it's a facepalm at the person who posted this. it's a crappy photoshop job. the deathstar's been photoshopped onto it – badly with no attention to detail or understanding of how a barbecue works :/ the original seems to have actually looked like R2

    • On a side note, do you ever wonder how a primitive hunter/gatherer race like Ewoks had enough food around for the victory party at the end of Jedi? You know, the Ewoks who were going to BBQ Han alive earlier in the film?

      Notice all those empty Stormtrooper helmets? Notice any prisoners?

      Think about it.

      (Is it really cannibalism if it's a clone….?)

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