DC Comics Will Reintroduce Character as Gay

Superheroes in spandex – they were pretty much all a little ambiguously gay (Ambiguously Gay Duo anyone?). DC Comics, however, has promised that a superhero of the past will be reintroduced – and he will be openly gay.

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June,” says Courtney Simmons, the Senior Vice President of Publicity, to ABC News.

DC has not yet revealed which character it will be, but we can be sure that it will eventually happen since they have already released Batwoman as a lesbian and Voodoo as a bisexual woman.

It’s great to see the LGBT community being accepted into this heart-of-hearts of geek culture – and it seems the move comes from the fact that younger readers are keen to see it, since they are growing up in a generation where being LGBT is perfectly acceptable and they want to see their friends represented.

But should DC be rained praise for this announcement, or should they be given an exasperated “finally” since Marvel revealed Northstar as being gay back in 1992 and even Archie comics introduced a gay character in 2010 (with a gay wedding in 2011!)?

What do you think? And who do you think in the DC Universe is gay? Batman? Robin? Superman? Has to be Aquaman right?

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  1. My bet is on green lantern (if its really an "A lister" and not just a "B Lister" upgraded in rank for the stunt.

  2. can't be batman as it would screw the hole plot up as bruce had catwoman and a string of other girlfriends, defo not superman, depends on which lantern if we go on the theroy of one of the lanterns, aquaman makes no sense as he has a daughter hmmmm confusing due to DC having so much plots etc

  3. I would just like to point out, the quote said a DC *Character* – not a superhero. So I'm not getting TOO set on this necessarily being one of the big shots. For all we know, it could just be Jimmy Olsen!

      • Jimmy Olsen is iconic. But that being said, I really think it is going to be a character with their own title.

        I think they will have a Kyle Raynor Green Lantern being gay. He was already kind of metrosexual anyways, so why not just a little push more.

        And yes, it falls under "its about time" since even kids comics have addressed this already. But it should be a non-issue and just make it happen. No need to announce it.

  4. Ugh, this is *such* pandering. I mean, whenever this goes down, it's always a publicity hook, and almost never well-received. I never understand why this receives positive feedback, because it's such clear Tokenism, it's really more of an insult, not just to gays and lesbian, but the readership in general.

    That's like when they made everyone bi-sexual in Dragon Age 2. It's not "understanding of varied gender roles", it's playing to an audience that doesn't exist. Being gay, being straight, even be bi, is part of who you are, and by lumping everyone together, or making it seem like they could suddenly flip at any moment despite their entire history demeans the real struggles that people have with their sexual identities.

    Okay, I'll get off the soapbox now.

  5. Well, DC incorporated a lot of Image's homosexual characters into their continuity such as The Apollo and Midnighter in Stormwatch are already openly homosexual, as is Sarah Rainmaker, Richard Foley (Gear from Static Shock). So are Renee Montoya (The Question), and Miguel Barragan (Bunker from the Teen Titans), and Vertigo books tend to also have homosexual supporting characters.

    So the whole statement about "Finally" having a gay character is really late, since they've had gay characters for years. Now the idea of a main character being gay instead of a supporting character is what is new, because despite the headway homosexual characters have made in comic books, they have been relegated to supporting characters or members of ensemble casts.

    My best guess is that it's going to be a second tier main character who has their own title, such as Mister Terrific, Batwing, Resurrection Man, etc…

  6. this is not a good idea it’s fine making a new character gay but don’t mess with something that already well established you will just piss off old die hard fans , you know the ones with money the ones that kept dc afloat all these years so please go ahead piss us off and alienate us , that makes real sense!

  7. My guess is that it will be a female. Lesbians are more “accepted” by the masses and it is an easier sell to the 12-18 demographic.

    • I agree, but It's probably gonna be a dude. Maybe Martian Man-hunter, though he's not really a "he" I think. Shape-shifters.

  8. My problems with this is that the characters already have stories. Invent a new hero that's gay. Fine by me.

  9. DC has had gay characters in the past. Batwoman is a lesbian and a character in The Flash (The Pied Piper) was also gay – and his character existed in the 90’s as well. You should really make sure you check your facts before you post these articles.

    An interview with Scott Synder revealed that is a character that hasn’t been introduced into the New 52 world yet. My boyfriend and I suspect it will be Shazam, since they are currently telling his origin story, the big date may coincide with the end of that run and the introduction of his character.

    • shazam is a group of children (if they go the direction they seem to be and are pulling from flashpoint) you really think they would go that far? making an established character gay is one thing but making a bunch of 12 year olds form one gay guy is a bit of a stretch however its imagined plus not yet being introduced in the new 52 nixes him with your statement "since they are currently telling his origin story".

  10. The New 52 has caused me to drop a lot of DC books, I hate all of the Crises and Reboots, but I'm curious to see what they are doing with this. I'm not sure they are going about it the right way. Taking a character that was previously definitely straight and now re-writing them to be an absolutely gay character may anger long-time fans. DC has never quite understood the idea of Continuity and finding ways to make this kind of characterization a logical progression of the characters' lives. As a gay man myself, of course I hope for the best, because I don't want to see a backlash against gay characters in general due to DC's quick grab for attention. Given the coincidence with Marvel's Gay Wedding (which makes a LOT more sense in continuity there!!) it seems like this is an attempt to overshadow them.
    If you're interested in supporting Gay Characters in Comics, a new Indy series just started, titled "Subject to Change", which features two Gay Couples among it's leading characters. It's at least worth a Look and a "Like": http://www.facebook.com/divineauthoritycomics

  11. The statement says HE will be openly gay. Indicating it is not a woman, I like the idea of it being just a character and not a superhero. I don't like the idea of our children being exposed to it. Some kids out there are just going to rebel more and more because the world is just giving Christian parents more and more to have to take away from the kids. My daughter knows what gay is but she also knows that the Bible teaches against it. I'm not one of those people who says God doesn't love the LGBT community, He loves everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally feel that people make thier choics and while biology may play a part in it some decisions are easy to make and some things people have to struggle with thier whole life, this goes for everyone!!!!!! But as a Christian I'm taught to make the right decisions and so is my daughter. However we still have to live in this world peacefully and while I can do nothing about what is going to happen, if it's batman I know one family that won't support dc comics, movies, ect….. Batmans cool just the way he is. Ah, I'm not into comics anyway I just feel that idk I'm not the target audience either and neither are my kids, my husband is and he says it would suck if it's batman too!!!!

    • It's not going to be Batman. DC has pulled this kind of promotional stunt before, like announcing the death of a "major character" and having it turn out to be Blue Beetle or Elongated Man or another second or third wheel.

  12. No problem with this as long as the fit seems natural and not just a 100% turn around. I know in real life seemingly straight guys who have had relationships with women can turn out to be gay but if they do this with someone like Batman for example, it will feel like it' just been added for publicity without any preparation or planned story ark.

    • I think there would be a major backlash if it was Batman. Not from homophobia (well, obviously some from the idiots), but from the die hard fans who would be pissed that they altered one of DC's most known superhero franchises to pander to a new demographic. Especially with Dark Knight Rises coming out, I just don't see how any marketing focus group could come up with "Hey! This is a GREAT idea!" on that one. Then again, they HAVE done some monumentally stupid things in the past….

    • I would buy that comic.

      I would probably end up desperately wishing I could scoop the portion of my brain with the memory of seeing it out of my brain with a melon baller, but I would make the purchase regardless….

    • yea thats who i was guessing he was hinted at in one of this months titles (i own it read it and its probibly on the shelf about 10 feet from me but i cant remember which one it is)

  13. In my mind, there's no possible argument. It's Robin. Come on, people! I always thought whover depicted him looked gay in his suit and the way he says things…

    • Which one? Because Dick's currently in an on-again-off-again relationship with Kory, last I checked. I could say Tim might be a potential candidate, what with all the stuff with Con… It certainly would be interesting if Jason was. I think Damien's still a bit too young for them to decide on this one yet, though.

      If you're right, my bets are on Tim.

  14. I've always been more of a Marvel fan than DC, but I'm really interested to see who it will be. I think that this could be really good IF they do it right.

  15. My bets are on Connor Hawke (Green Arrow). His would be accepted the most easily considering his back story, and he doesn't have his own comic. Whether he's iconic enough or not I don't know. Or Alfred. I'd actually like it more if it was Alfred. It'd be that nice little extra bit of personality like Dumbledore being gay :)

  16. Honestly if its Shazam or Batman ill stop reading DC all together. No problem with any gay ppl. In the group of friends I read comics with we have 3 gays and a lesbian. But I am against changing an iconic character just to appeal to a different audiance and those 2 are my favorites. If they want to make a new gay character that’s fine but you don’t mess with some classics.

    Won’t be a big loss to them anyway really. After the last crisis of infinate reboots all I read is justice leauge.

    • Technically isn't Captain Marvel like a 10 year old kid or something when he's not in "Shazam!" mode?

      Reeeeeeeally don't think DC's legal department is going to sign off on that one. I don't think they want their mailing list addresses and the registered sex offender map aligning that closely :)

  17. Dear DC,

    Please bring back creators that are for the readers… not creators for the big buck… thank you.

  18. If its Superman there will be a riot at DC offices it sucks since flash point destroyed what we had of American Mythology. Hey maybe its Wonder Woman comming out Shades of Sappho

  19. not GL, hal jordan it's a ladies man, hell, even he dated a underage alien (arisia) and one MILF (Carol Ferris) so now my bet it's on… GL Alan Scott! way to go, DC :(

  20. This is bullshit. It does not need to be done. Why ruin good movies? It is not racism to not have gays in movies. They are not a race. It is a chosen lifestyle.

  21. Joker is gay in one universe already, and if be scared shiz less if Lobo was gay. He would tear up some….yeah…like literally.

  22. If DC outs a hero and its not Batman, Superman, or Wonderwoman, its a weak move. If they really wanted to make a statement, they would pick one of the big three, but they won't.

    I mean, who really cares or even knows about Northstar?

  23. Really!

    Why bother?

    I mean, most of the comics and cartoons from DC and Marvel when i was growing up, and the latest incarnations, didn't really have a sexual theme anyway so why in the hell would the writers/producers want to suddenly sexualise (sexualize for the US) either franchise?

    Is it because someone wants to make a political statement?
    Maybe it's because someone wants to be famous.

    I think it is downright irresponsible.
    There is far too much sexualisation of children in the world as it is so to make the move of having a homosexual, heterosexual and anything in between, is just destroying the innocence of what was just enjoyable entertainment with no political or sexual agenda.

    Shame on you DC for trying to pull off a piss poor publicity stunt.

  24. Pied Piper of the DC Universe has been openly gay since the early 1990's and he could at times be described as a superhero or at least a reluctant super villain. I don't understand why there has to be a press release about a fictional (or nonfictional) character "coming out of the closet". People like who they like and that is all, so long as it doesn't get in the way of good story telling, or even worse promote bad story telling it should not matter.

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