DC Comics Will Reintroduce Character as Gay

Superheroes in spandex – they were pretty much all a little ambiguously gay (Ambiguously Gay Duo anyone?). DC Comics, however, has promised that a superhero of the past will be reintroduced – and he will be openly gay.

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June,” says Courtney Simmons, the Senior Vice President of Publicity, to ABC News.

DC has not yet revealed which character it will be, but we can be sure that it will eventually happen since they have already released Batwoman as a lesbian and Voodoo as a bisexual woman.

It’s great to see the LGBT community being accepted into this heart-of-hearts of geek culture – and it seems the move comes from the fact that younger readers are keen to see it, since they are growing up in a generation where being LGBT is perfectly acceptable and they want to see their friends represented.

But should DC be rained praise for this announcement, or should they be given an exasperated “finally” since Marvel revealed Northstar as being gay back in 1992 and even Archie comics introduced a gay character in 2010 (with a gay wedding in 2011!)?

What do you think? And who do you think in the DC Universe is gay? Batman? Robin? Superman? Has to be Aquaman right?

[Article on ABC News | Via Super Podcasto Magnifico | Photo Credit: Björn Söderqvist (CC)]

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