Maxim Hot 100 Goes Geek

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we are hardly shy about the Sexy. Maxim has made its name and brand synonymous with the concept and this year’s Hot 100 list has been announced. Who is on that list is up for debate – some I like, some I don’t. You can check out the results at Maxim.

Now this story isn’t just about sharing the “Hot 100”. Among this list are some interesting stories of note that surpass even the celebration of attractive women.

This starts first with Stephen Colbert. Since this list was open to online voting – which includes an optional write-in for candidates not on the voting list, Colbert orchestrated a coup. And despite his lack of qualifications (being a man) he found himself Number #69 out of 100.

But this is the part I wanted to share. There was another coup by the fans of an online “celebrity”, and it started with a YouTube Channel called SourceFed, which among its many hosts has an adorable and crazy hot geek named Lee Newton.

Maxim had to change their voting process to include a captcha security feature because they thought this tidal wave of Lee Newton write-in votes were some sort of scam, but they did concede that Ms Newton did have qualities that are “list potential”.

Today the SourceFed guys announced that Lee made the list at a staggering #57 beating out (obviously) 43 other candidates!

It was very cool to see Lee wearing her homemade “I’ve got List Potential” t-shirt with the Potential part crossed out. Now she’s got List.

Congrats Lee! Well deserved! Aside from being ridiculously attractive, she is a first class Geek and two thirds the reason I watch SourceFed’s show every day!

This is just more proof that GEEKS ARE SEXY!


24 Responses to Maxim Hot 100 Goes Geek

  1. Gotta say though….at least in the last episode, Lee Newton needs a LOT better enunciation! And needs to learn how to say "arctic" (not "ar-tik").

    • I have "got to" say that even your writing's "enunciation" needs work. You need to learn how to start sentences with a subject and learn how to write "I have got to" (not "gotta.")

        • spaztic was just pointing out that magic also made an error; that he shouldnt be nitpicking at peoples mistakes before correcting his own

          kind of ironic

      • I have to say, one should only be a Grammar Nazi when their own writing does not exhibit any such errors. A period only goes inside the parentheses when the parentheses enclose an entire sentence. When the parentheses enclose only a portion of a sentence, the period should remain outside.

  2. Funny, from the first pics on top I would never vote her, it's ist just too…. uhhhhhhhhhhm…. but the "I've got list potential" is nice, I mean, it makes her human, a beautiful human…..

  3. Love Lee Newton! Quickie correction to the article, though: "YouTube Channel called 20Minutes or Less" is incorrect – the channel's called SourceFed, the show she's on is called 20 Minutes or Less… Just to clarify :)

  4. I don't exactly know why this is "good news", we don't need Maxim moving in, deciding whose hot, they can stay in mainstream media! I dont want being a geek to be mainstream, then it loses all it's meaning! Aside from that, there is a HUGE difference between "being a geek" and playing a geeky character in a movie!!!!!

    • Before you comment you should probably get your facts straight. She's not in the mainstream media and if anything her being included into maxim was a good thing. Maxim is all about slutting it up, but Lee Newton is just a sweet little nerdy host on a YouTube channel. Her entry shows the world that you don't have to strut around in next to nothing to be considered sexy!

    • She is one of the hosts of the show 20 Minutes or Less on the youtube channel SourceFed. They do 5 stories a day Monday through Thursday. They are usually hilarious and often times educational. Check it out!

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