Dalek Cake Toppers [Pic]

After seeing the Dalek wedding cake toppers we posted a few days ago, [GAS] reader Lee sent us a picture of the top of his wedding cake featuring a pair of bride and groom daleks.

This was from our wedding in August (last year).

Daleks were off the end of Doctor Who pencils. Sadly they are of the new Moffat variety. You can’t have it all.

Veil from piece of old lace ribbon.

Flowers from haberdashery store.

Top hat from middle of cotton reel.

Colours of Daleks chosen to match the colour scheme of wedding. Was the only way my geek bride to be would agree to it. Tried to have whole geek cake but she was not having that.

Cake toppers were quite the talking point on the day.

Thanks Lee!

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