Yes, it Exists: The Bacon Armor [Picture]

The perfect armor to wear if you have zero value for your life while travelling in a wolf/bear infested forest.

[Via Walyou | Tosh.0]

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    • You're right, it doesn't…it looks more like cuts of meat…but them again bacon means any cut of meat from a pigs backside or belly…not just slices

  1. If that's real meat, that is a complete waste of perfectly good meat. I'm all for eating animals, but I'm not for disrespecting them by doing crap like this.

    • How is it a waste? There is not one object where it has only one sole purpose. That meat could have been used for scientific experiments to produce more of it at a faster rate, or it could be used to lure predators to specific locations.

      Plus, it isn't disrespecting them. That's just what modern society makes you want to think. I know it's food and that it's primary role is to be consumed for others to gain energy, but there any many other edible things that we wouldn't consider food. That's where we start using it for other purposes – like sending out messages.

      Whether it be propaganda or some other message.

      In this instance, you're most likely reading what most people can't see. Because you aren't familiar with how he expresses himself in this form of communication called art.

      Which i admit, that not even i understand why he has used such materials. but that's because i don't understand the language he is using to communicate with him. So i use what languages i know of and interpret it differently.

      Which ends up with me receiving a completely different message that what he probably intended.

      This meat is probably not wasted, but i can't really make a judgement until i have read both sides of the story, including his.

      However, i do agree to one thing with you, i would rather eat all the meat he used, than to use it for qwhat he used it for.

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