Star Wars Leg Tattoos [Pic]



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  1. i came it to essentially say "doesnt really matter what she looks like, if she's rockin' this art, she's hot" only to find a mess o' hate.

    gassers gassers gassers, why have you forsaken me?

  2. Don't love the tattoos for thigh art. But to haters: What looks like veins, if you actually look, is actually ink from the stencil. Second, her legs are actually not that big if you pay attention. It's a weird angle perspective because of the way her pants are angled off. But her knees are together and there is space between her thighs. And if her grandkids ask, she'll say, "I love Star Wars!"

  3. That is a freaking awesome tattoo!!! More power to you to get something your passionate about tat'd on you. I have my geek tat and I'm still proud of it. If someone thinks it's stupid then they obviously don't understand and who would want to be friends with them anyway. Hope to see it again when it's fully colored.

  4. I dig it, and yeah tattoos are a fantastic way to cover up bad skin. Sorry though, haters, her legs look great. Appreciate the line work and the fact that there's a chick walking around that's taken the time and endured the pain for this.

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