Ned Stark Cake Pops [Pic]

Jennifer from Not your Mama’s Cookies inspired herself from the GOT scene where Ned Stark gets his head impaled on a stick to create these oh so gross, but I’m sure delicious, Ned Stark cake pops.

They’re not that different from regular cake pops, except I used a bamboo skewer that extends all of the way through the cake ball…and they’re kind of grotesque, funny, and awesome at the same time.

[Source: Not your Mama’s Cookies | Via Neatorama]


5 Responses to Ned Stark Cake Pops [Pic]

  1. There needs to be some rule around this. I'm tired of people screaming "OMG SPOILERS!" (unless you're River Song) for every little thing.

    I'm pretty sure if something has come to pass in both Book and TV format over a year ago it's no longer a "spoiler." People on the internet need to quit getting their panties in a wad over their own tardiness. It's not like this just happened in last Sunday's show. It's been quite a while, and the book has been out even longer.

  2. Maybe if you put them in the refrigerator you could ease peoples concerns of spoilage.