MB LED : A LED-Based Interactive Puzzle

Last year, we told you guys about GLiP, an interactive LED puzzle that was made by by 4 French students as part of their embedded systems architecture course at Télécom ParisTech. Basing themselves on the old project, 3 of these students have taken GLiP to a new level. Check it out:

It is inspired from 2010 GLiP project. It’s a concept of small games and applications displayed on a dynamic block network using their 8×8 led matrix. To interact with the network you can use each block as a remote by turning it at 180 degrees, then just choose the desired game, animation or music. When you want to replace the remote block into the network just turn it at 180 degrees again. Possibilities are infinite: interactive chest, pong, and new game concepts…

Merci Guillaume!


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