Drinking and Gaming: This Will End So Gloriously

Don’t you hate it when you’re kicking ass at Street Fighter in the arcade and suddenly you’re craving a nice cold brew? Well the creators of Arkeg at least understand my need and have created the ultimate in geek-drunkard gadgetry.

A true arcade experience, it comes pre-loaded with 69 (haha) old school (and awesome) arcade games, plus capability to play computer games and Flash games through a WiFi or direct internet connection, the device has the ability to hold and play over 15,000 games.

But the ‘keg’ part of the name comes from the epic cabinet and – that’s right – a tap. The tap’s even interchangeable so you can completely personalize it.

It’s pretty pricey but hey – can’t put a price on having a cold one while you’re blasting away at Asteroids.

[Buy from Arkeg for $3999 or Rent for $150 per day | Via Geek Alerts]