The Best Deals on Gadgets and Tech for Today

We’re considering a partnership with Logicbuy to provide you with some of the best deals from reputable sources you can find anywhere online. We’re starting this today and we’ll be testing this new format for a few days to see it if works out. Let us know your thought about these deals!






Home Entertainment:

Personal Portables & Peripherals:


8 Responses to The Best Deals on Gadgets and Tech for Today

  1. Not to sound like a prick, but if these are going to be a regular thing I'll probably unsubscribe from your feed. Try to keep the marketing in my reader to a minimum.

    • We may replace the Amazon Deal of the Day with this…. or just alternate between them. In any case, you'll only get 1 deal post per day.

  2. I both appreciate the service and understand the need to bring in revenue, but if you pursue this, please put it in a different section on your site. I really don't want what is essentially a huge ad popping up in my news feed all the time. This would get old exceedingly quickly.

    (One Deal of the Day with a little blurb is much more palatable than a list of twenty five items just shoved out there.)

  3. I think I speak for a lot of European readers when I say that it’d be awesome to see some deals of the day that concern European stores or atleast stores that ship to Europe :D

    (granted I have no idea how many European readers are there :P)

  4. I actually like this the 17.3" hp laptop seems like an awesome deal and it doesn't really bother me if its just filled with deals i might not like i can just scroll past it anyways

  5. I actually would like to see this, but in a different section dedicated to tech deals. I just picked up that Canon Powershot for the Mom, she has been looking for a new digital cam, thanks GAS! I get a bunch of newsletters already which usually go right in my trash folder, but these look somewhat filtered, and I think it would be cool to see dedicated article or section to this.

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