Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies

The first book of a series called “How to End Human Suffering” this book has definitely piqued my interest. I’m really tempted to go and purchase it – I mean look at that title, how could I not!? – but then I took a look at some of the reviews on and it’s not looking good for this awesome-sounding book.

Here’s the blurb on Amazon (where it’s on sale for $15.95):

In a world where ZOMBIES control banks and governments, only one young man sees the way things are and emerges from the CHAOS and destruction: GUY BOY MAN. While he tries to end human suffering worldwide and in his high school, Guy Boy Man meets a cute PINK-HAIRED girl named BABYDOLL15 who has a UNICORN that follows her everywhere. An EPIC ROMANCE begins, but forces BEYOND THEIR CONTROL are intent on keeping the young couple apart. One of those FORCES may–or may not be!–Guy Boy Man’s closest friend, a handsome African-American NINJA named SWEETIE HONEY; another could be four EXOTICALLY BEAUTIFUL, genetically engineered and behaviorally modified EASTERN EUROPEAN GIRLS; yet another, the principal of their HIGH SCHOOL . . . not to mention an impending standardized test known as the ZOMBIE ACCEPTANCE TEST! Will Guy Boy Man find a way to be with Baby Doll15 in a WORLD WHERE EVERYONE IS DOOMED to become either zombies or zombie food??!! Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies is part Napoleon Dynamite, part The Matrix, and ALL AWESOME. It’s the first book in the How To End Human Suffering series.

And a book trailer:

Has any of our readers read it? Care to post an opinion?

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  1. It's from the Bizarro genre. The books are meant to either be so over the top in their B-Grade nature (i.e. Adolf in Wonderland) or so offensive (ANYTHING by Carlton Mellick III) that they're clearly not meant to be read seriously.
    The store I work at is throwing its weight behind the book because it's clearly targeted at a particular sub-cultural-micro-niche – Otaku that know not to take themselves seriously.
    We've even done a blurb reading :D

  2. *HAVE any of our readers…

    For someone who runs a website about being geeky, your consistent butchery of the English language (which I presume is your mother tongue) is astounding.

  3. Goodreads people may not have been enjoying it so much (yet!), but Library Journal gave it a great review last month. I am in the middle of reading it now and it's funny as hell. Terrence Jones, that unicorn is more awesome than you could ever imagine.

    Anyhow, if you want a straight line of a story it might not be for you, but if your mind works like mine (i.e. all over the place) then it's awesome.

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