Experience the Zombie Apocalypse in the UK!

Being a major movie buff (which includes Zombie films) and a casual Airsoft Enthusiast (like paintball, but with plastic bb’s) this really caught my attention.

It seems a company called Wish.co.uk in Britain lets you practice your zombie apocalypse survival skills in an abandoned mall that they have stocked with Zombies (obviously these are actors pretending to be zombies – the government is still hiding their real zombie experiment subjects in area 52)

You are armed with Airsoft rifles and given a window of two and a half hours to survive in a real abandoned mall in Reading, Berkshire crammed full of Zombies.

Using Airsoft guns for the “simulation” does a few things for the experience. Airsoft are replica guns. These are not paintball guns that look like toys. Having a weapon that is very close to looking like a real gun would add to the immersive quality of the adventure a lot, and also, they hurt. They hurt a lot, but it’s brief. These brave zombie actors with exposed bare skin will feel the brief sting of a plastic 6mm pellet bb welt, and likely their reaction and fake death will be fueled by the desire to not get shot some more.

Of course, any wise zombie hunter will double tap.

The experience will run you £139 (approximately $230USD) per person and already bookings are filling fast.

Wish.co.uk offers a plethora of unique experiences from luxurious spa days to feeding wild animals. And now they can add the Zombie Apocalypse to their list of rare experiences!


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  1. It should be noted that airsoft hits hurt FAR less than paintball rounds – And, in fact, Airsoft even when played sans-zombies is far less painful and far more realistic ( Not to mention WAAAY cheaper ) than paintball at around £30 for 8hrs play and £6 for 3,000 rounds of ammo.
    Zombie games are also run at the end of the normal day's play at regular airsoft sites such as my local site – Section 8 Airsoft ( One of the biggest in the country! )

  2. Cheers! Now which of my regs are you? :p

    Aye – We've been doing zombie games when it gets dark at Section 8 for many years now, and it never fails to amuse me to see grown men jumping out of their skin and shrieking like little girls just because someone groaned near them in pitch blackness ;)

    I've been dying to get down to The Mall to check out their zombie games, or just regular play – The Wargames Centre at Ardeer are doing some nice themed Airsoft events as well these days, well worth checking them out too.

  3. can it please be known that this is more like a rail shooter than an rpg [where you can do what ever you like], you are escored along a set path with pre determined 'combat points', i know one of the guys who leads you round on this event, its not what you think itll be, sorry…

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