The Thousand-Piece Bacon CheeseBurger [Pic + Video]

This is totally gross, but since I’m such a big fan of all things bacon, I just had to post this. Ron Swanson would totally love having this for lunch!

[Via Kotaku]


20 Responses to The Thousand-Piece Bacon CheeseBurger [Pic + Video]

  1. First thing to make me want to unsubscribe. Obviously just plain gross and RIDICULOUS to post. Why?? Why was this posted? It's like a trip back to middle school. SERIOUSLY disappointing.

  2. Okay, unsubscribed. I thought this was seriously a place to make computer "geeks sexy". Didn't realize you guys were still in elementary school.

    • Take a chill pill, no one forced you to click the link! If you didn't read the headline then I suggest you begin to read before clicking. What else do you expect from an article with the title, "The Thousand Piece Bacon Cheeseburger" ??

    • "I thought this was seriously a place to make computer "geeks sexy"."

      you thought this was like a training course or a self-improvement site?

      sexy is as sexy does, and geek is as geek does, carol anne, and while i'm sorry to see you go into the light, you have to admit thats an awful lot of bacon, and the sheer amount geekery required to assemble it is worth mentioning.

      also, while we were chatting here, i was thinking about boobs…so middle school, right???

    • Carol, if you're still reading this, that's a reference to Epic Meal Time. Which I'm sure you would absolutely love.

  3. I guess there is such a thing as too much and I have to say that the picture of all that bacon looks gross. I like bacon, maybe 3 or 4 pieces, but I have to admit it looks nauseating…LOL

  4. Oh great, a lot of meat that's going to be thrown away because no one will be able to eat all of that.
    So, wow, great, a creature died that somebody could make something ridiculous of it and throw it in the trash afterwards…
    I'm not going to unsubscribe but please think about where your food comes from before making big bullshit and fun of it

  5. Yeah I don't think anyone can eat that much bacon. That's like instant heart attack. Pretty funny that they were actually able to order it, though. Must have cost several hundred dollars. My friends said they were going to go smaller, try ordering a burger with like 50 pieces of bacon.

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